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 In the year 1935 like minded growers both Hindus and Muslims of Tando Mohammad Khan held a meeting and formed an Association called the Zaminder Association. Mr. Odha Ram was made its first President.

Following the creation of Pakistan most of the Hindu Growers migrated to India and the Association  became inactive. In due course of time efforts were made by the Educated, Progressive Growers of Sindh for re-activating the Association. The prominent figures namely Chudhry Sadiq, Mir Murad Ali Khan Talpur,  Syed Miran Muhammad Shah and Qazi Muhammad Akbar  took the lead and acquired a rented Office in the District Council Shopping Center Hyderabad for establishing the Office of the Association.

     During one of the meetings Qazi Muhammad Akbar gave the proposal that on the pattern of Chamber Of Commerce the Zaminder Association too be named as Chamber Of Agriculture. The proposal was unanimously approved and accepted. Zaminder Association was renamed Chamber Of Agriculture.

      In the year 1968 the Organization was registered  in the name of Chamber Of Agriculture Hyderabad and Khairpur. After the dissolution of One Unit The Organization again was Renamed as Sindh Chamber Of Agriculture. Haji Fariddudin and P.K Shahani were elected its President and General Secretary respectively. In those days prominent Personalities of Sindh namely Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Jatoi, Mr.Muhammad Khan Junejo(both ex-PM’s of Pakistan),Mr. Muhammad Usman Chahnio, Syed Qamar-u-Zaman Shah and Pir Ghulam Rasool Shah Jellani were made Life Patron Members of the Organization.

 With the passage of time Syed Qamar-u-Zaman Shah, Mir Murad Ali Khan Talpur and Mr.Essa Abassi were elected the President, Senior Vice President and General Secretary, respectively of the Organization. Following the demise of Mr.Essa Abbasi Akhund Ghulam Muhammad Siddiqui and Dr. Syed Shahnawaz Shah also served as General Secretary of Sindh Chamber Of Agriculture. Through the earnest efforts of the representatives of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture the then Governor Sindh Mr. S.M. Abbassi gave a plot to the Organization in Hyderabad where the fully furnished and well established Office of Sindh Chamber Of Agriculture exists today. Since last fifty years the meetings of Organization are being held every week.

             Under the President ship of Syed Qamar-u-Zaman Shah Sindh Chamber of Agriculture took all out efforts for resolving the pressing issues of the Growers Of Sindh.To count a few, in the days of General Zia-ul-Haq Chamber strongly opposed the Imposition of Agriculture Income tax and succeeded. Issuance of Pass Book to the Growers became possible following the efforts of the Chamber.The credit of reducing the mark up from 18% to 8% by The then ADBP presently ZTBL, goes to Sindh Chamber Of Agriculture. Through Shah Sahib’s efforts several delegates of the Chamber visited foreign countries including China,Australia,Malysia,Spain,UK, France and several other countries, to get first hand information about the latest developments taking place in the agriculture sector.Chamber has  had always been vocal about the shortage of Irrigation Water in Sindh. It was, and still is, the strong opposition of Sindh Chamber of Agriculture that all of the successive Federal Governments have dropped the idea of constructing Kala Bagh Dam. Time to time besides, the Secretaries, Federal and Provincial Ministers, were invited in the Chamber’s Office and kept informed about the issues of the Growers.

The credit also goes to Syed Qamar-u-Zaman Shah for the establishing The Federation Of Chambers Of Agriculture in 1988.  Nawab Aslam Raisani of Balouchistan, Choudhry Abdul Ghafoor from Punjab and Malik Ahsan of KPK Represented as the Presidents of their Provincial Chambers of Agriculture. The Constitution of the Federation was drafted and implemented. Twenty Five representatives of each Provincial chambers were made the Members Of The Federation. Every Provincial Chamber was authorized  to Preside over  the meetings and represent The Federation Of Chambers Of Agriculture at National and International forums.

     Due to the prolong illness of Syed Qamar-u-Zaman Shah on 24th January 2010 his son Dr.Syed Nadeem Qamar was elected unanimously  as The President of Sindh Chamber Of Agriculture.


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